La envidia es un sentimiento muy común y exacerbado en estos días, tanto por las redes sociales como por la competencia de tener, o llegar más lejos, que otros.

Sales a comer con tus amigas cuando una dice “¿Te enteraste que María se comprometió? El novio le pidió la mano de la manera más original posible. hizo… ”  Y tú, con dolor de estómago de la rabia, solo llegas a sonreír y decir ¡Qué bien por ella! Y por dentro “Esa &%$# (añade un insulto en el espacio).  Te ha dolido en el alma porque llevas 5 años con tu novio que no se anima al compromiso.

Como dice Seth Godin: el Internet es un amplificador de la envidia. Abres tus redes sociales y ves un montón de fotos felices: vacaciones, niños perfectos, amor a la vista, días fabulosos en el trabajo, entre otros. Mientras observas este festín de felicidad sientes un vacío en el pecho por todo aquello que no tienes todavía.

Estos dos ejemplos, que puedes extrapolar a cualquier situación de envidia, te pueden llevar a voltearte al lado oscuro:

  • Esos %&$# (inserta insulto de tu preferencia), les voy a demostrar que yo también puedo. [Sentimiento: Venganza]
  • Con que María se comprometió, pues ojalá la dejen plantada en el altar [Sentimiento: Maldiciones y mala yuyu]

Mar 22

Adrian Peterson released by Cardinals. Does he have a future in the NFL anymore?

“There’s no doubt Adrian still has some juice left in the tank, particularly from a run-skill standpoint — he still runs with a lot of anger and aggressiveness and has the type of contact balance you look for in that position — but in today’s day and age, we all know you have to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield and do a lot of different things. Versatility is a key,” Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said in February.

If anyone can still be effective in his mid-30s, however, it’s Peterson. He’s been a physical specimen throughout his career, even returning early from a torn ACL to rush for 2,097 yards and claim MVP honors in 2012. He’s just two years removed from leading the league in rushing — something he did three times in his 10 years with the Vikings — was still useful in spurts for Arizona, which is why he may end up back there next season.

Executives with other teams will be carefully studying his game tape to determine if he can be the missing piece in their backfield this season.

If not, Peterson’s next stop could be the Hall of Fame.

Benson was also admitted to the hospital in October after he experienced “brief weakness” following a weekend packed with the Saints Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a Pelicans matchup with the Cavs, and the Saints’ Week 8 win over the Bears over the span of three days, per Bensel.

Benson saved the Saints from a possible move to Jacksonville when he purchased the team in 1985.

The first winning season in franchise history came in his second year of ownership, when the Saints finished 12-3 and earned a postseason bid.

In his younger years, Benson was a colorful character whose personality matched the vibrant city he called home.

It’s hard to even imagine now, but he used to celebrate Saints wins with his own iconic dance, the “Benson Boogie.”

In recent years, Benson became embroiled in a bitter dispute with members of his family over his fortune and his family of businesses, including the Saints and the Pelicans.packers_098

Mar 20

With expectations off the charts, YES Network eagerly awaits new season

“As much as people talk about ‘This is Us,’ I can’t ever remember a ticker tape parade for ‘This is Us.’ They will have one for the Yankees if they win the World Series. It’s a whole different level when it comes to emotion, engagement, loyalty, drama. It’s all there,” he said.

The Damn Yankees are viewed by many as the Evil Empire. But the humble way homegrown stars like Judge went about their business last season somehow made the Yankees, yes the Yankees, lovable underdogs.

Watching the Los Angeles defense is going to be fun next year.

Peters and Talib are absolute ball hawks who fool quarterbacks into throws they regret from the moment the ball leaves their hand, but they also take risks and get beat by double-moves more than most cornerbacks of their ilk.

It will be on franchised free safety Lamarcus Joyner to clean up when his cornerbacks get beat, and on the Aaron Donald -led pass rush to get home quickly and allow L.A.’s two star cornerbacks to break on the football.

Wednesday, March 7 DL Chris Baker, Bengals Grade: B- Last year went disastrously for Baker, who left Washington to sign a three-year, $15.8 million deal with Tampa Bay.

Baker got $6 million guaranteed but did little during his season in Tampa, racking up just a half-sack, five quarterback knockdowns and two tackles for loss across 437 defensive snaps.

The departures of Sherman and Bennett were especially painful on a personal level. Wright and Sherman, who subsequently signed with the 49ers, were both part of Seattle’s 2011 draft class. Bennett joined the Seahawks via free agency in 2013.

Wright chuckled when asked how much he believes the chance to face the Seahawks twice in 2018 figured into Sherman’s decision to join an NFC West rival.

“I believe it had a little bit to do with it,” Wright said. “I’m not mad at him. We’re always competing to be our best. Whatever motivates Sherm to be at his best is going to pay off for him.

“Sometimes, guys do make decisions maybe (based upon) playing their old team. Guys always get hyped up about that. It’s going to be fun to go against him. As soon as the news broke, I texted him and said it would be fun to do battle against him.”

Wright also was effusive in his praise of Bennett not only as a player but as a team leader when the Seahawks received public blowback for select players not following national anthem protocol while attempting to make a social statement.packers_006

Mar 17

Rubin, who is worth $3 billion according to Forbes, is a more familiar name for NFL owners, many of whom have already embraced him over the years.

Fanatics runs the NFL’s online store and sells more NFL-licensed gear than any other business in the world.

In May 2017, NFL owners paid $95 million for a 3 percent stake of Fanatics. In September, a new financing round valued Fanatics at $4.5 billion, making the owners’ investment worth $135 million, an increase in value of more than 40 percent in just four months.

Rubin has a solid reputation in the business world and is not afraid of using his platform for things he believes in. He recently voiced his support for Meek Mill, the rapper whom he befriended and is now serving two to four years in prison for a controversial probation violation. Rubin has reportedly tried to use his influence to get Meek Mill out of prison.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Dan Fouts said he first met Enberg when the broadcaster asked if they could get together to talk about the next day’s game, when Fouts’ San Diego Chargers played the Raiders. Fouts said Enberg knew his father, Bob Fouts, who had been a broadcaster with the San Francisco 49ers, and asked if he had any aspirations of becoming a broadcaster.

Ogletree forced 10 fumbles over his first two seasons, but he has been responsible for only two strips in the three years since. He made tackles on 16.1 percent of Los Angeles’ run plays last season, a rate that ranked 60th in the league among players with 200 run snaps or more.

The problem is that Ogletree plays a position the league really doesn’t seem to value with significant contracts. The Rams signed Ogletree to a four-year, $42.8 million extension last October, and the Giants will essentially have Ogletree on a four-year, $38 million deal with $10 million guaranteed, all coming this season. That’s not in line with what better players have gotten in free agency; Dont’a Hightower, for one, got four years and $35.5 million to stay with the Patriots last offseason. Useful players such as Zach Brown, who is back in the market this year, had to settle for a one-year pact. It’s difficult to believe Ogletree would have received this much if he were a free agent.

Yeah, no, that didn’t work. Washington was Pryor’s landing spot last year when he couldn’t get the long-term deal he sought. He took a one-year deal with incentives and didn’t do much to hit them, and Washington will surely move on. Expect Pryor to need another one-year job in the hopes of rekindling what he had in Cleveland two years ago. Heck, maybe he does it in Cleveland. — Grazianobuccaneers_093

Mar 15

Marcus Stroman injury update: Blue Jays ace may not be ready for opening day

Inflammation in Marcus Stroman’s throwing shoulder will delay his spring debut at Blue Jays camp, the team announced Tuesday, and the pitcher indicated he might not be ready for opening day.

What were those things that you wish you had known or been better prepared for?

My advice would really be about baseball because that’s the primary focus. Everything that would lead to better results.

When you came over, you weren’t just on a new team, but in a new city and country. The people around you didn’t speak the same language. How difficult of an adjustment was that for you and how did you overcome some of the cultural challenges?

Personally, I don’t think I really struggled that much with the adjustment. I was single at the time, so there weren’t many things I needed to be concerned about. As long as I eat and get some sleep, that was pretty much the extent of my concerns. I may have been fortunate with the city I played in, New York.

Why do you say that?

UZR and DRS also exist partially to support their respective forms of WAR: UZR is used in calculating fWAR for FanGraphs, whereas DRS is used in calculating rWAR for Baseball Reference. Like calling a carbonated beverage “soda” in one region or “pop” in another.

Or pronouncing “.gif” with a hard G sound or pronouncing it correctly, it’s just different strokes for different folks.

After that, he said he was retired. But he pitched in the World Baseball Classic, and after the 2005 season started, teams continued to try and lure him out of retirement. The Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers all were involved in the bidding, but Clemens chose to return to Houston, partially so he could play a couple preparation games in the minors with his son, Koby. Clemens made his first start in the majors on June 22 and wound up with a 2.30 ERA in 19 starts that season, but Houston missed the postseason.buccaneers_027

Mar 13

Ask Jason: On Ronald Acua’s hat, the Phillies’ spending, and my favorite stories

Remembering Phil Niekro’s final MLB game: Hall of Famer Phil Niekro returned to the Braves for one last game in 1987. It was more than just a farewell; it was closure he’d sought for four years. This was another story that I felt like most baseball fans, even Braves fans, probably didn’t know (or, at least, didn’t know well).

Dyson, 33, led the Mariners with 28 stolen bases last season despite going out in September following core-muscle surgery. Not only does he have the speed to play all three outfield positions, but he also provides a strong, positive clubhouse presence — and he has a World Series ring from his days with the Royals.

Souza, 28, complements those attributes with power. He hit 30 homers last season for Tampa Bay and posted an .810 OPS that balanced out his .239 batting average.

“It means you’re relevant again, if people are starting up with that stuff again,” the Yankees owner told Newsday Sports. “People are concerned about us.”

With the acquisition of Stanton the Yankees now have both the 2017 National League MVP and the runner-up for the American League MVP in Aaron Judge. They also have rising stars Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird on their roster giving them a proverbial murderer’s row.

Those may be high praises at this point, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the Yankees lead MLB in home runs and runs scored, and with how they got to that point is why teams are back to disliking what was a remarkably likable team in 2017.

Many feel the Yankees did not have to give up enough to acquire Stanton from the Marlins. Considering the fact Miami is now run by a former Yankees great in Derek Jeter, the questions may be well-founded.seahawks_126_1df2d9054941221e-180x180

Mar 12

Outfielder Odubel Herrera also possesses the potential to swing the offense, albeit with some scary peripherals with his bat.

Talib was interested in two teams: the Rams, or the Patriots, according to Schefter . He got his wish to reunite with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips in Los Angeles. Phillips spent two years as Talib’s defensive coordinator in Denver.

He may have slashed .281/.325/.452 in 2017, but he did so while walking only 5.5 percent and striking out more than 22 percent of the time. Thankfully, Herrera is a major boon on defense, worth 20 defensive runs saved through three seasons.

Along with these three, the Phillies have J.P. Crawford set to take over at shortstop after the trade that sent Freddy Galvis to San Diego. Crawford might not have wowed Philadelphians at the plate during his debut last season, but he showed some very encouraging signs — such as walking more than 18 percent of the time — and he’s one of the top-ranked middle infield prospects in baseball.

What’s their current CB situation? On the same day that Sherman was released, the Panthers traded cornerback Daryl Worley to the Eagles for wide receiver Torrey Smith . Worley was first on the team’s depth chart last year along with James Bradberry.

Why Sherman would make sense: The Panthers now have an open cornerback position, Sherman said he wants to play with a “great” quarterback , and it appears that Thomas Davis is on board with the idea of Sherman joining the team , so why not?

The key to the Mets’ offseason is how they’ve spent what limited money they have: Signing a 3.0 WAR player like Frazier to a relatively cheap contract (two years, $17 million) is a big coup. Not to mention the clubhouse presence he brings, which is still worth something in today’s game.seahawks_118_ac6e06be82b83229-180x180

Mar 08

Isaiah Thomas denies calling out Kevin Love in heated team meeting

It’s not fair to blame Thomas for the team’s failures on defense, but it is certainly logical to ask if the team’s regression on defense has something to do with his return.

Williams gave Durant a second technical foul late in the fourth quarter as KD was arguing being called for a personal foul. It was Durant’s 11th tech and fourth ejection of the season.

Durant said officials around the league regularly act the way Williams did.

Last season’s Heat were a perfect example of why being mediocre is the toughest position for an NBA team to be in. While the Heat had the second-best record in the league from Jan. 17 onwards, it wasn’t enough for them to make the playoffs. Not only did that lower their chances of getting a high lottery pick in the draft, they lacked the financial flexibility to make significant upgrades to their roster in free agency. The combination meant they ran the risk of keeping a team together with a limited ceiling and few avenues to improve.

That didn’t mean there weren’t any opportunities for the Heat to improve their roster heading into this season. It simply meant they had to nail the rare opportunities they did have in the draft and free agency. It’s still too early to have a definitive answer — the contracts of Dion Waiters and James Johnson, for example, could come back to haunt them — but it looks like they at least made the right decision in selecting Bam Adebayo with the 14th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Wade missed Friday’s Cavaliers’ game and will be away from the team for an undisclosed period of time in the wake of Thomas’ death. According to, Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue and GM Koby Altman told Wade to “take his time.” Haslem also left the Heat Friday to be with Thomas and his family.

“I’m writing this letter to you as i cry both tears of SADNESS and tears of JOY. I know — i know — i can hear your voice saying “Come on my man”you got this! I can picture your face and feel your hugs in so—so many moments in my life. Whether it’s you hugging me and saying how proud you are of me or congrats on winning a NBA championship or you hugging me and saying everything’s gonna be alright—we will get thru this. I can’t thank you enough for these last 15 years. You should be so proud of the job you did on this young misguided kid from Chicago. I was a young 21 when we met and i needed a Man’s love.”

According to, Thomas played a key role in assembling the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” that won consecutive NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. He served as the agent for Wade and Bosh, and was part of the agency that represents LeBron James.lions_027

Mar 07

Francisco Liriano goes 2 scoreless innings in first start for Tigers

Detroit Tigers left-hander Francisco Liriano threw two scoreless innings against the New York Yankees in his first start with his new team.

Liriano allowed one hit, walked two and struck out three in the Tigers’ 7-2 loss Tuesday.

Liriano worked out of a two-on, one-out jam in the first by striking out Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez. He induced a double-play grounder from Miguel Andujar to end the second.

Travis Wood (torn ACL and meniscus) will have surgery Tuesday in Dallas.

There are several important factors to keep in mind. You must look at the roster of the team you’re trading with and understand which, if any players, that manager might be willing to part with. For example, it’d be unwise to make a trade offer for a starting pitcher on a team that is battling injuries and is down to a trio of well-known starters at the position. Also, though you might never want to send your best trade offer with your first proposal, be careful not to offer too little. That can be offensive to the other manager and can lead that person to not only decline your offer but also end all trade talks with you.

This section could also be called “Don’t be that guy/gal.” Whether you are in a hypercompetitive league or just trying to have some casual fun, you want to be a responsible fantasy baseball manager. Generally speaking, that means follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated in your league. With that in mind, be sure to follow these basic fantasy baseball rules of etiquette.

Former University of Miami great O.J.-Nolan Nawrocki.He might not bring the rewards Boedkker and Grabner could bring, but he’s likely able to fit on the roster without some extra roster posturing.

Once the Broncos finally got him a defense and a running game, though, he was able to break through, not once, but twice.Fact-based journalism of this caliber isn’t cheap.Yeldon and received a goal line that went for a score last week.<div style=’text-align:center;margin:4px;border:1pt dashed darkblue;padding:6px’>FILE – In this Oct.</div> I guess he wanted a challenge and he pointed me out.

The Lakers are 4 this preseason.As of late, Zipser has found himself playing substantial minutes, while occasionally closing out alongside ‘Key Players’ and Dwyane .It limits the offense compared to someone like Griffin III or Josh McCown that it demands the defense cover less of the field vertically.

The Knicks center has played in just 25 games, averaging 4.3 points and 2.6 rebounds. It got so bad that Hernangomez asked New York for a trade. That trade came Wednesday.raiders_008-223x223

Mar 03

Asked about that possibility, Carroll instead offered a scouting report of sorts on Wilson’s hitting with the Yankees.

Following another run of who’s who among NHL stars, we come to Ryan Spooner at 16th overall this season (2.6). His overall totals are muted due to prolonged injury absence, but Spooner is rolling at even strength this season. He’s on a line with playmaker David Krejci and rookie Jake DeBrusk most of the time, collecting an impressive 24 points in 35 games.

He’s not doing a great job of going with pitches away from him, Carroll said. We are hoping he will start putting the ball into right field a little bit more, you know. We want him to go with the pitch. Aside from that, the curveball is still giving him a problem, like it always did you know, back in the day. So we will see what happens.

Other topics covered by Carroll, who was speaking with reporters for the first time since his season-ending news conference in early January:

All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman is on track to be ready by training camp. Sherman had surgery in November to repair his ruptured right Achilles, an injury that ended his season, and recently had a cleanup procedure on the same part of his left foot.

Dan Graziano, national NFL writer: Paul Richardson, WR, Seattle Seahawks. With Jarvis Landry franchised and the possibility of Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson also getting tagged, you could make the case that the 25-year-old Richardson is the next-best wide receiver on the market. He was a pretty good deep threat in a Seattle offense that didn’t feature enough pass protection to really maximize a deep threat. Some teams will see potential there and pay for a player his age.

Mina Kimes, senior writer: Patrick Robinson, CB, Philadelphia Eagles. He’s no longer flying that far below the radar thanks to the Eagles’ Super Bowl run, but the 30-year-old defensive back had a surprisingly great season, allowing just 54.5 percent of passes to be caught in the slot, according to Pro Football Focus. Because of his age, he probably won’t break the bank, but I still think a few teams will vie for the veteran after his breakout year.patriots_031

Feb 28

Tough-luck Red Wings ready for Carolina challenge

The winter of 3-2 continues for the Detroit Red Wings, and it is truly a winter of discontent for them.

Detroit coach Jeff Blashill likes to describe NHL games as a race to three, and lately, his team is consistently losing that race. As they prepare for Saturday’s home date against the Carolina Hurricanes, the Wings have lost a trio of consecutive games by a final score of 3-2, and two of them were absolute heartbreakers.

Making matters worse, right-winger Anthony Mantha, Detroit’s goal-scoring leader with 20, suffered a fractured cheekbone when hit in the face with a clearing attempt by the Sabres in Thursday’s loss.

Brady, 40, has said he’d like to continue playing until he’s 45. The Patriots will need to make a decision about Brady’s future with the team sometime before the end of the 2019 season. But right now, Brady’s under contract, and any type of holdout this offseason seems like a long shot.

There were only two possible outcomes for the actual game, but if you’ve got a Super Bowl squares pool, there are 98 more. The squares game is a chance-based exercise in adding a little extra agency to the biggest game of the year. All you need is a grid, a little money, and a bunch of friends who have no problem losing that aforementioned little bit of cash.

You can find the entire explainer here, but the basic gist is that winners crop up every quarter based on the score. The final score of 41-33 in favor of the Eagles, for example, would pay out the lucky soul who had the square where the Philadelphia “1” intersects with the New England “3.” If your game has payouts for every quarter, we have the full results below.

The 29-year-old Cole had three goals and 10 assists in 47 games for Pittsburgh this season. He has played eight seasons with St. Louis Pittsburgh, helping the Penguins win the last two Stanley Cup titles.jays_594_44452f73e3e5937b-180x180