Mar 27

Kyle Shanahan on addition of Jerick McKinnon: “He’s an issue for teams”

The San Francisco 49ers paid a premium to get running back Jerick McKinnon under contract, but head coach Kyle Shanahan is extremely excited about the various ways he can deploy McKinnon in the 49ers’ offense.

While McKinnon is a successful rusher, it’s what he brings to the passing attack that has Shanahan particularly excited. “What is a huge bonus on him is when you talk about the pass game,” Shanahan said. “When it comes to separating and beating linebackers and safeties in man-to-man coverage, I definitely think he’s an issue for teams. I think this league, when it comes to third downs and things like that, you move the chains based off of matchups, which allows you to get points in the long run.”

Santos, born in S?o Paulo, Brazil, was unfamiliar with American football until he came to St. Augustine, FL, as a foreign exchange student. He took to placekicking at St. Joseph Academy and then at Tulane, and became the first Brazilian to play in the NFL when he entered the league an undrafted free agent with Kansas City in 2014.

In his first three seasons with the Chiefs, Santos (5’8″, 160) converted 86 of 102 field goal attempts (84.3%), including 7-of-12 from 50-plus yards, and 113 of 118 extra points (95.8%).

If there’s a flaw with the program, it’s that it doesn’t address the why behind the Braves only winning one World Series. With so much talent, peaking at the same time, all under the guidance of a Hall of Fame manager and general manager, those teams continue to boggle the minds of many as to why Atlanta underachieved so often. It would’ve been interesting to hear the players’ theories behind the shortcomings, though Tuminaro said they offered no big revelations during interviews.

But it’s all (for) the good of the team. I want to win so much that, yeah, sometimes I’m gonna get pissed off.” Peters continued : “I just don’t like when motherf- — oh, excuse my language — I don’t like when motherf—–s talk about me and they say they got off-the-field issues because, I mean, I could be sitting here and I could be getting DUIs and I could be doing all the rest of the stuff, I could be arrested and I could have a mug shot, and I don’t got that burden on me.” Peters isn’t wrong.ravens_068

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