May 25

Tom Brady: I’m still playing because I haven’t hit 1,000 career rushing yards

Brady, who turns 41 in August, will play in his 19th season with New England, but he still has at least one goal left.

“Ok so the main reason I’m still playing is I haven’t hit 1,000 career rushing yards yet… 32 to go!” Brady wrote on Instagram. He also posted a video showing him working on his rushing skills, running on the beach with a resistance band as a partner pulls him back.

The story wasn’t just that the Cavs were embarrassed on the court after wearing the suits but also that the cut of the suits was criticized up and down. The pants, dubbed “high trousers” by Browne, fall to just above the ankle, and that led to shots such as “Did they run out of material?” and “Where’s the flood?” on social media.

Part of James’ and Browne’s shared vision was to push the envelope a bit, however.

While the team remains optimistic about the outcome, the Cowboys will prepare for the upcoming season as if they won’t have Gregory on the roster.

“He’s being very diligent in preparing his information and preparing his application,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said last week at the team’s annual tournament at Cowboys Golf Club. “I have been proud of Randy during this offseason. I’m very aware of how hard he’s working to get back in the league and get back on the field.”

Gregory, 25, has 20 tackles and one sack in 14 games with Dallas.

“It’s always hard staying in it, staying in the moment when you’re practicing away from the team and away from us a little bit. But we’ve done a really good job at keeping these guys with the group and skating with us at pregame skates and practices and stuff,” said center Jay Beagle.ravens_008

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