May 22

John Dorsey: Chubb and Ward graded equally on Browns board

The reason so many people were stunned when the Browns took cornerback Denzel Ward instead of defensive end Bradley Chubb with the fourth overall pick is that the consensus view was the Chubb was the better player.

“He’s got the long vertical speed, he’s got sudden-area explosive quickness that you like in those types of players, he’s got great ball skills. And I see his ceiling of growth, I see it as really high. You know when you get players from Ohio State University, you know you’re going to get guys that really like to play the game.”

That last little bit of pandering to the home crowd aside, what else is Dorsey going to say? After taking a player that flew in the face of what most people thought about the draft, he has to justify it back home. It’s impossible to know if anyone shared that view, because Broncos boss John Elway turned down chances to trade down so he could take Chubb, stopping a fall that lasted longer than anyone imagined.

“I think you’re always looking for bigger targets,” McCarthy said, via the team’s website. “It makes sense, doesn’t it? Bigger catching radius, completion percentage. I think any quarterback would prefer to throw to a bigger target.”

We know Aaron Rodgers had a preference for throwing to Nelson when he was in Green Bay. It would be a lot to expect any rookie to come close to replicating that relationship, but any early sparks should lead to a leg up in the competition for playing time.

The NFL draft was on network television for the first time ever, and that made the difference as it became the most-watched draft ever.

The league announced today that the draft had an average of 5.5 million viewers at any given time, the highest viewership total ever for the full draft. The first round of the draft averaged 11.2 million viewers on Thursday night. Draft viewership declines on the second and third days, but Saturday’s average of 2.9 million viewers was the best Day 3 ever.broncos_063_c3e369b6225c27d0-180x180

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