Apr 05

Yankees get 2nd straight bullpen breakdown, lose to Blue Jays

David Robertson let his shoulders sink and arms fall and he looked like he wanted to faint.

It was Aaron Boone’s first major backfire, and it cost the Yankees dearly.

Boone will likely have a hard time sleeping before Monday’s home-opener, questioning over and over whether he should have intentionally walked Josh Donaldson to load the bases for Justin Smoak, whose two-out, full-count grand slam downed the Yankees, 7-4, on Sunday.

He had a 5.12-second 40-yard dash and a 4.67-second short shuttle, both of which are excellent times for a man his size. I felt today went well, Mailata told NFL. com. This was my first chance to go through the positional drills in front of teams and I hope they got a chance to see the progress I have made as I try to master the position. Mailata has been working with the same coach who prepared the German wide receiver Moritz Bohringer for his NFL workouts before the Vikings chose Bohringer in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL draft. Bohringer didn’t pan out and is currently out of the league, and that experience may make NFL teams more likely to sign Mailata as an undrafted free agent than spend a draft pick on him. But Mailata is a name to keep an eye on after the draft, when he may get some calls who think he has the raw talent to make an impact, once he learns the sport.

The Eagles got more immediate drama with the Michael Bennett trade than they bargained for, but they knew they weren’t acquiring a shrinking violet. By Packers standards, signing Muhammad Wilkerson and Jimmy Graham while letting popular receiver Jordy Nelson walk was like betting the mortgage on a roulette spin. The Eagles are doubling down on the aggressiveness that made them champions, and the new Packers braintrust realizes the team needs to work outside of its comfort zone to avoid peaking at 10 wins every year.

Elsewhere in the standings, the 49ers happily gobbled up Sherman and some other premium talent from teams that were looking down at them in pity a year ago. The Browns have acquired several starters who got caught in culture clashes elsewhere (Taylor, Landry, Damarious Randall) at affordable prices.patriots_151-223x223

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