Mar 07

Francisco Liriano goes 2 scoreless innings in first start for Tigers

Detroit Tigers left-hander Francisco Liriano threw two scoreless innings against the New York Yankees in his first start with his new team.

Liriano allowed one hit, walked two and struck out three in the Tigers’ 7-2 loss Tuesday.

Liriano worked out of a two-on, one-out jam in the first by striking out Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez. He induced a double-play grounder from Miguel Andujar to end the second.

Travis Wood (torn ACL and meniscus) will have surgery Tuesday in Dallas.

There are several important factors to keep in mind. You must look at the roster of the team you’re trading with and understand which, if any players, that manager might be willing to part with. For example, it’d be unwise to make a trade offer for a starting pitcher on a team that is battling injuries and is down to a trio of well-known starters at the position. Also, though you might never want to send your best trade offer with your first proposal, be careful not to offer too little. That can be offensive to the other manager and can lead that person to not only decline your offer but also end all trade talks with you.

This section could also be called “Don’t be that guy/gal.” Whether you are in a hypercompetitive league or just trying to have some casual fun, you want to be a responsible fantasy baseball manager. Generally speaking, that means follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you’d want to be treated in your league. With that in mind, be sure to follow these basic fantasy baseball rules of etiquette.

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