Apr 27

Drew Brees says San Diego jeweler pulled “a scam” on him

Drew Brees said a San Diego jeweler pulled “a scam” by selling him millions in jewelry that appraised for $9 million less than he paid for it.

Brees filed suit against Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles Jewelry in San Diego. The Saints quarterback released a statement to TMZ through his attorney, Andrew Kim.

All in all, Collins has had a successful rookie season. He can struggle chasing stretchier power forwards, and brutes shove him out of the way for offensive rebounds — Collins rebounds by jumping, not boxing out — but those are typical problems for young bigs.

His defensive rebounding numbers are fine given his age and weight, and he is already one of the league’s bounciest and most active rim-runners. He’s also shooting 37.5 percent on corner 3s.

Jim Bob Cooter’s return and Patricia’s background as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator suggests that the Lions might have a setup that sees the head coach give Cooter a lot of responsibility to run the offense. That may be the case, but Patricia thinks that he can give quarterback Matthew Stafford a boost along the way.

“I would hope that maybe I could come in and give him a little bit different perspective,” Patricia said this week, via the Detroit News. “Maybe something from my point of view from playing against him a couple times, and just certain things that I look at when we’re going against other quarterbacks that might help him out. Maybe some different ways to look at defense, from that standpoint. Try to look at some different alignments or different coverages or different fronts, and then help him from that standpoint.”

Stafford has thrived since Cooter’s promotion in 2015 and his presence should benefit the first-year head coach at least as much as Patricia’s insight might benefit the offense.bills_053

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